Animal Rights...Fighting for the Voiceless

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Before the animal even gets into the home of a pet owner, it or their parent or relative has very likely been subject to abuse. Most cats and dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills, which keep animals caged up for continued reproduction. The exotic pet trade is another culprit, smuggling birds, snakes and even monkeys in tiny suitcases where they remain for dreadfully long periods. They are deprived of water, food, light and adequate ventilation. Many end up dying or developing neurotic behaviors due to the stress.

If they make it into the family home, they are subject to the treatment of their new owner. Luckily, many people adore their furry and feathery friends. However, too many also abuse their power over these creatures. After the novelty wears off, owners abuse, neglect or abandon the animal. Many are also surrendered to authorities for adoption or euthanasia

 Domestic Abuse  comes in many forms,From hitting or kicking a pet,to observing an injury and doing nothing about it,starvation,abandonment,sexual abuse and violence. People who abuse animals are only a step away from human abuse.

Why do people abuse animals?

The motives and causes behind animal cruelty are complex and varied. Here are some common reasons why people commit such shameful acts:

•   Emotional & communication barriers between humans and animals
•    Ignorance
•    Personal gain & pleasure
•    Believing abuse is justified
•    Lack of empathy
•    Animals suffer in silence
•    They are defenseless, making an easy target
•    Little or no consequences for perpetrators
•    Traditions, customs or rituals
•    Desire to assert power or authority

Why we shouldn’t abuse animals

Animals have been placed on this earth alongside and with humans. Due to our intellect, we ended up being the dominant species. We have learned to use animals to make our lives easier and more pleasurable. We use them for food, clothing, transport, protection, entertainment and companionship. In return, humane treatment is the least we can provide.

What’s being done?

There’s a rapid and widespread movement for the protection of animals from cruelty. People are angry and have developed a voice for the defenseless. Organizations such as PETA,HSI,RSPCA, ASPCA, NAVS and IDA gather evidence, facts and statistics about all forms of animal cruelty to educate others. Most of these organizations don’t acquire government funding.

Governments and industry try to make it difficult to expose animal cruelty. In countries such as Australia, animal abuse awareness groups such as can’t even accept tax deductible donations.Here in Greece one of the worst countries for  animal abuse ,the law is oblivious to the rights of the animals.... thus so many are put through suffering that no living creature should endure.... Despite these continued efforts to trump knowledge, animal cruelty is being exposed on an ever-increasing scale through charities, non-for profit organizations and the Internet.

When you look at these photographs,ask yourself...CAN I IGNORE WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND ME ANYMORE......HOW CAN I HELP  ? WHAT CAN I DO  ? will find an answer...

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