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There is a myriad of horrific facts and statistics available on the issue of animal cruelty on the internet. But where do these statistics come from? What are their sources? When compiling information, there are various local, national and international organizations which actually carry out hands on research and investigations to provide accurate data and information about animal cruelty, welfare and safety issues. Some of them are government owned whilst others are non profit private entities.
Unfortunately there is no one stop shop organization which provides all the facts and figures. Getting relevant data may take some time to research. Here are a few sources for animal cruelty facts and statistics:

Animal Welfare Facts and Statistics:

•    World Organization for Animal Health – provides scientific reports on animal welfare, climate change, aquatic animal diseases, veterinary services, infectious diseases of wildlife and traceability of animal products.
•    US Government Accountability Office – reports on animal diseases, feed and drugs, husbandry and welfare including humane methods of handling and slaughter and the veterinarian workforce, dealers of random source dogs and cats, breeding, mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease and labeling.

Animal Farming Facts and Statistics:

•    Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) – a farm animal welfare charity which runs undercover investigations to expose illegal farming practices in Europe. The organization campaigns to end all cruel factory farming practices in a peaceful manner. CIWF provides detailed reports on animal health & disease, behavior & sentience, cattle, cloning, genetic engineering & reproductive technology, education, environment & sustainability, fish farming, food industry & consumers, human health, live transport & live export, mutilations, pig farming, policy & economics, slaughter and poultry: laying hens, ducks, geese & turkeys.
•    European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) – undertakes independent research and investigations on risks concerning the European food chain. As part of its remit, the authority also covers animal health and animal welfare (which indirectly affects food-borne diseases). This area is covered by the authority’s Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW), which provides scientific reports and advice to the European commission, European parliament and member states. Available publications include scientific reports and scientific opinions on dairy cows, pigs, fish and non-food producing animals.
•    Voiceless – independent non-profit Australian organization which offers publications and fact sheets on pig factories, battery hens, dairy cows, kangaroos, sentience and climate change.

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Stop Animal Testing Fighting Cruelty Worldwide Whose Skin Are You In? .


International Links

Animal Net
Bird Cinema
EcoEarth environment portal
Endangered Species International
Fondation Brigitte Bardot
Fondation Franz Weber
International Society for Animal Rights
Rolda Animal Shelter (Romania)
“STEPS” International Rights Film Festival
Whales Revenge International Petition
World Animal Day
World Animal Net
World Society for the Protection of Animals


USA and Canada Links

Animal Cruelty Investigations Animal People
Animal Protection Institute
Animal Rights Stand
Animals Voice
Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
Coyote Nation
Greyhound Adoptions of Florida
Greyhound Network News
The Marin Humane Society
SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness


England Scotland Wales Links

ACT - Campaign Against Larsen Traps
Advocates for Animals
Animal Cruelty Investigation Group
Animals Count
Anthony's Dacko's Homepage
Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue
Bloody Business
Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work
Canterbury Animal Respect Network for A Green Environment
Coalition of Badger Action Groups
Cornwall's Voice for Animals
Cruelty Exposed
Farplace Animal Rescue
The Fox Website
Greyhound Action Scotland
Greyhound Compassion
Greyhounds in Need
Hare Preservation Trust
HIPPO - Feeding the world with compassion
Hopefield Animal Sanctuary
Hunt Watch
Kill Hunting
League Against Cruel Sports
Music United for Animals Project
The National Anti Snaring Campaign
National Federation of Badger Groups
National Fox Welfare Society
Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
Quaker Concern For Animals
Respect for Animals
Roots of Blood
Save Me 2010 - Use your vote for animal protection
Shoreham Protester Online
Vegan Society of the UK
Vegfam - Feeding the Hungry without Exploiting Animals


Irish Links

A Dog's Life Group rescuing strays and surrendered dogs from Dunboyne Pound
Animal Care Society Cork
Animal Rights Action Network
ANVIL (Animals Need a Voice In Legislation!)
Athlone SPCA
Badgerwatch Ireland
Ban fox & stag hunting cruelty in Ireland - Ireland's nature watch site
Cats' Aid
Celtic Animal Life Line
Clare Animal Welfare
Cuddles Cattery
Dog Rescue Ireland
Dog Trust Ireland
Drogheda Animal Rescue
Dublin SPCA
East Galway Animal Rescue
Farmers Against Foxhunting And Trespass
Foxwatch Ireland
Foxwatching in Dublin
Friends of Animals Rescue Centre (Westmeath)
Galway NUIG Animal Rights Society
Galway SPCA
Guide to the Mammals of Ireland
Irish Animals Forum
Irish Animals on the Web
Irish Anti Vivisection Society
Irish Circuses
The Irish Hare
Irish Seal Sanctuary
Irish Wildlife Matters
Irish Wildlife Trust
Kerry Greyhound Connection
Limerick Animal Welfare
Mayo Cat Rescue
Monaghan SPCA
Mooney Goes Wild (RTE Radio 1)
National Exotic Animal Santuary
Northern Ireland Badger Group
Offaly SPCA
Rural Animal Welfare Rescources
Sathya Sai Donkey Sanctuary (Sligo)
Shark Ireland
Sligo SPCA
Vegetarian Society Ireland
Waterford Wildlife

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